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With the founding member of the firm being qualified and experienced in US and India and with a good client base of US businesses, our firm is well placed to provide advice and complete setup services of forming US companies for Indian nationals and Indian companies.

US business base is a must for going global especially for the technology startups in India. Some of the key learnings to consider in this process:

  1. Type of Business Entity to Setup
  2. State where to incorporate
  3. Bank Account setup & resident officer
  4. Taxation – Federal and State level
  5. Compliances and licenses as applicable
  6. Annual filings and foreign reporting
  7. Transfer Pricing
  8. Corporate record keeping and maintenance
Call us or email us to discuss the details with regard to setting up business entities in United States of America.


"Team has excelled in adding value to our organization right from our inception"
Mr. Ranawat,
CEO of BI - IT Consulting Firm with offices in USA and India

"The audit team has delivered with their risk based approach in tackling not only the regular compliance checks but more so on the business process & procedures"
Mr. Sam
CEO of mid size consulting firm

"Industry expertise has been gained very quickly and they have provided us a comprehensive consulting solution in improving our business operations in various areas – recovered cost and established controls for improved efficiency & productivity"
MD of Spinning Company

Fraud Audit that the team has conducted and the results delivered were simply outstanding...
USD2M Investor into a Telco IT Company

We like their expertise of Indian and US accounting & tax laws which has helped us get a complete structuring and operational setup advice with our India and US entities ...
Mr. Narendranath
CEO of growing IT services company with 200+ employees with US and India operations